[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]There’s an ever-growing list of glamping accommodation types. Here are some of the more popular types that we have included at Glamping Getaway.



Tents are the umbrella term we’ve used to encompass Safari Tents, Bell Tents, Eco Tents and Tipis. The reason we’ve broken this up is we’ve also included some Eco Lodges, Cabins and Pods in Glamping Getaway.


Safari Tent

Safari tents are one of the more foundational glamping accommodation types and you’ll be happy to know they’re popping up all around the world – not just for upscale safaris in Africa.

Safari Tents are large rectangular structures that are typically on a platform or hard flooring, and are supported by an aluminum or fiberglass frame.


Bell Tent

Bell tents are another one of the more common glamping accommodation types found all around the world.

They’re a simpler structure and design with a single pole at the centre, which is covered by cotton canvas canopy. The canopy is stablised by ropes connected to the top of the walls which are secured to the ground by pegs around the tent.


Eco Tent


Tipi / Teepee

Tipis are one of the more iconic types of glamping accommodation which keep you close to nature.

Similar to Bell Tents, they are simple in structure. Where Bell Tents have a single pole at the centre – Tipis have a number of poles raised in a triangular shape. They’re tied together at the top, creating a frame that a canvas canopy can wrap around.



Dome accommodations are one of the fastest growing glamping accommodation types as they have a perfect balance of comfort and minimal environmental impact.

Unlike the simple structure for Bell Tents and Tipis, Domes are a little more sophisticated with a triangular framework that builds a fully enclosed dome, completely transparent dome accommodation or partially enclosed dome. Similar to Safari Tents, they are typically built on a platform or hard floor.



Yurts are another growing type of glamping accommodation as the more secure structure provides more comfort and protection from the elements than a Bell Tent or Tipi.

Similar to Bell Tents, Tipis and Domes – Yurts are round in shape. Unlike these more traditional tents which are supported by one or more poles – Yurts are often supported by lattice structured walls which are topped by bent roof poles and a ‘crown’.



Pods are one of the more higher end glamping accommodations of choice as they’re situated in the great outdoors, with a real homely feel.

Pods are typically made from natural and recycled materials with fixed walls and floors giving you full protection from the elements.  With the wooden walls and floors – they’re a little more comparable to other local accommodation alternatives, but the benefit of pod rental accommodation is they’re typically far more energy efficient meaning you’ll be able to rest in comfort and know you’re doing your part for the environment.



Cabins are a more established and well known form of glamping. Similar to Pods, they’re typically made from recycled and local materials.

If you want to be close to nature with the fireplace and amenities inside your four walls, cabins are a great introduction to glamping accommodation.


Luxury Eco Lodge

As far as glamping goes – Luxury Eco Lodges are the cream of the crop. They’re tucked away in beautiful untouched pieces of the world, whilst giving glampers everything they would expect from a 5-star hotel.

Unlike other glamping accommodation types which can easily be relocated, Luxury Eco Lodges and Nature Lodges are purpose built multi unit accommodation that are typically there to stay. Similar to Pod accommodation, they’re often made from recycled and local materials to minimise the impact on the environment. If you want all the big city comfort away from the hustle and bustle – Luxury Eco Lodges are just the thing you’re looking for.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]