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Interested in advertising on our website?

Since we are just getting started at Glamping Getaway, there isn’t a lot of data to provide yet regarding our web traffic and demographics.  We’ll be sure to update this page with more pertinent information as the site’s presence grows online.  In the meantime, if you are interested in leveraging our site to bring some new attention to your glamorous camping destination, experience, or property, then please feel free to get in touch using the contact form provided, or by sending an email directly to

If you’d like to submit your high resolution photos for inclusion in the homepage slideshow at the top of the page, you can do so at any time, free of charge.  The images will be reviewed and subject to approval for content and quality.  Destinations are displayed based upon a random algorithm.

We also offer a featured option for the slideshow in this area, whereby you may run a slideshow image of your glampsite for a specified time period (minimum 1 week). During the approved campaign, your destination will always be presented within the homepage slideshow of featured destinations, randomly ordered with preference for sponsored properties being presented first.  Campaigns can include a title, subtitle, and custom link.  Or they can simply direct visitors to the listing relevant to your image.

Additionally, standard ad space is available on the homepage and in the website footer.

Contact us for more information and the rate schedule.


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(TIP: if you’d like to link directly to your property’s listing, copy the URL and replace the value inside the quotation marks where you see ‘href=””‘)