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Listing Policies

Most of the destinations you will find listed here at have been discovered via online research or word-of-mouth.  Inclusion in the directory does not indicate our endorsement of the venues. In cases where the accuracy of the information presented is brought into question, we will do our utmost to make appropriate notes visible to the public while respecting the reputation of the glampsites.  In some cases, such listings may be removed to avoid confusion.

Where opinions, reviews or other relevant editorial content has been included in the listings, website visitors should read the information as an individual perspective, subject to disagreement without legal status or claim.  This website and it’s attendant directory listings are provided for information purposes only, and do not constitute any partnership of accountability between the provider, clients or recipients, beyond a reasonable expectation of professional honesty. is not in any way affiliated with the operations or services provided at the destinations listed.  All reservations and amenities are handled by their respective business operators. We assume no responsibility, legal or otherwise, for the services rendered and/or available at the listed properties.

Images provided on the website are usually under copyright, allowed permission of use on for the explicit purpose of promoting their listing, with proper attribution required. Ownership of such content is retained by their respective providers and should not be reproduced or distributed without appropriate consent.

We reserve the right to select, feature and present content on this site based solely upon our own standards of quality, relevance, and editorial approval.

As a traveler and camper, you should be sure to contact the owners and innkeepers prior to your departure, in order to confirm the information provided is current and reliable.

Please see our Terms & Conditions for further information regarding the use of this website.


Information for Innkeepers and Venue Managers

We have tried to respect your copyrights and attribute all images and content appropriately.  The use of this content is for the sole purpose of enhancing your listing and introducing your business to new people.  If you are an innkeeper, business owner, or photographer who is concerned about the use of your images or content on this site, please contact us directly, and we will remedy the issue immediately.

Similarly, if you would prefer that your business or venue is excluded from our directory, let us know. We will be sorry to remove your listing, but happy to respect your preferences on matters regarding your business marketing.

Accuracy, Updates, Management

Every effort has been made to input accurate information into our database.  If you find an error or see information that needs to be updated or better annotated, don’t hesitate to send us a message with the details.

If you are an innkeeper or manager, you are welcome to register with us.  An account will enable you to submit new listings for inclusion and review.

For more information, visit Submit a Glampsite.