6 cozy Slovenian houses, each suitable for up to 4 people, are nested in a superb location, not far from the greatest Slovenian jewel, Lake Bled, and in the midst of green spruce forest and blue Sava river. Built under and in the trees, they are all made from Slovenian wood and by Slovenian craftsmen.

Luxury is provided with comfy interior, private wooden hot tub and bathroom, sauna, common area with fireplace and outdoor massage parlor with a spectacular view. The houses are insulated and equipped with heating panels, so they are suitable for a stay throughout the whole year.

Next door to the houses lies one of the prominent Slovenian hotels, Hotel Ribno, with a rich history. Slovenian inspired dishes are available for order in the houses or enjoyed in the hotel restaurant.

With nature at heart and guest in mind, this fresh on the scene village of tiny houses is truly a quintessential Slovenian oasis.