Cortijo Vadillo

Magical Eco Yurt Centre in a beautiful hidden valley in Spain. The perfect rural getaway!

Set in the beautiful foothills of the Sierra Sur, Cortijo Vadillo Yurt Centre takes its name from the old, local Andalucían word vadillo, which means ‘watery valley’. And the beautiful valley in which the Yurt Centre sits is indeed abundant with springs, fertile river farming land, and extensive local flora and fauna.

Entrance to the valley is heralded by the Nacimiento del Rio San Juan, where large spring water pools sit zen-like beneath a canopy of poplar trees. Circled by mountains covered with olive and oak trees, the valley has a secret, magical air, with the stunning views dominated by the large limestone cliff that keeps watch over the peace and tranquility below.

Across the small bridge from La Casa Redonda are our two traditional hand-painted Mongolian Yurts. They sit nestled on wooden platforms within our grove of olive (la oliva) and cherry (la cereza) trees, with views down the valley and up to the mountain topped with the limestone cliff.

Las Yurtas de la Oliva y la Cereza provide the comfortable and cocoon-like accommodation for your stay at our Yurt Centre, and can sleep up to 6 people in each one.
With proper beds and gorgeous, sexy red bedding all provided you really will be sleeping in magical surroundings – without a tent peg or sleeping bag in sight!

Las Yurtas are situated within easy access of the ecological toilets and sink and shower area. The sinks and showers have hot water, and there’s plenty of room to change.
The eco–toilets provide manure for our trees, and have all the cleanliness and comfort you would expect from standard toilets; their hand-painted windows frame the view down the valley perfectly.