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About Glamping Getaway

Launched in 2012, Glamping Getaway makes it easy for you to find your next glamping and luxury camping location anywhere in the world.

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Deluxe glamping holidays, through to high end camp sites

At Glamping Getaway, we’ve categorized the destinations into some basic groups, seeking to identify luxury levels that visitors and vacationers may look to enjoy.  You aren’t likely to find basic campsites listed in the directory.  But you will find a few state parks and the like that offer pretty rudimentary camping facilities in cabins or yurts. The idea here is, it may not have all the bells and whistles, but it does afford you the space of rest and relaxation, without pitching a tent!

On the opposite side of that spectrum, you’ll also find that some of the most expensive accommodations listed in the Exclusive Luxury category offer everything that a normal resort might, with every service and whim provided for in style and plush comfort. What we look for in these destinations are a connection to the outdoors, either through programs and activities, or through an open air “room” that blurs the lines between indoor and outdoor space.

No matter the budget or region, our main objective at Glamping Getaway is to present you with a collection of remarkable and unique places to get away from your hustle and bustle to enjoy a moment and an adventure out in the natural wonders of this planet.[/vc_column_text][listing_cats catstyles=”cat_abstracted” category_ids=”161,193,203,125″][vc_column_text]

Best glamping locations around the world, in one place

Whether you’re planning a glamping trip across the UK in Ireland, Scotland or Wales, somewhere with some wildlife like Africa or Yellowstone National Park, glamping with kids, or your furry friends – Glamping Getaway will help you find the perfect location for your next glamping holiday.

Next to our preferred location, we always tend to have an idea on what kind of glamping trip we’d like to have – whether it be in a safari tent or bell tent, or maybe something a little more secure like a dome, pod or even a cabin!

To make it easy for you to plan your next glamping holiday – we’ve categorized hundreds of glamping locations around the world into easy to navigate groups.[/vc_column_text][listing_cats catstyles=”cat_abstracted” category_ids=”253,411,151,124,198,242,425,143″][vc_column_text]Your input or feedback is welcomed as we continue to expand the directory to include more destinations. Be sure to contact us with any questions or concerns – or to fill us in on your memorable glamorous camping adventures.

Happy travels, glampers!